Microsoft’s Surface Success Is Chasing Down Apple’s Boring MacBook

Microsoft’s latest results show a significant rise in income and revenue. The former is up 38 percent and the later 14 percent year on year. The biggest driver for the Redmond based company was in Personal Computing products. Drilling into the numbers, it’s worth noting the Surface performance. 


The Surface department delivered close to $2 billion in revenue with a six percent rise year on year.

Microsoft’s Surface team is certainly pushing the boundaries to show what can be done with Windows 10. The end of 2020 will see the dual-screened Surface Neo (powered by Windows 10X) and the Surface Duo (powered by Android) going on sale.

windows 10

Until then Microsoft has to keep the Surface line-up fresh and exciting, balancing the roll-out of the new designs with the need to tell the story and prepare developers for the dual-screen Surface machines and the dual-screen options from third-party manufacturers. I expect the angle of easier repairs will be one way of doing so:

surface pro x

“The recent launch of the Surface Pro X and the Surface Laptop 3 highlighted an easier repair process for the machines by design, with major components able to be unscrewed and switched out. This is targeted towards repair shops and IT departments where turnaround of damaged machines is critical, but the ethos is also there for consumers, with the Surface X allowing its SSD to be taken out a swapped as easily as a SIM card.” 

It’s also worth comparing the Surface numbers to the Mac numbers. Apple’s quarterly figures broke down the revenue numbers, with the Mac family accounting for $7.2 billion in revenue. Microsoft has some way to go, but if Apple continues to offer only the bare minimum updates to the Mac platform, it won’t be long before the Surface becomes much more attractive to buyers.

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