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Modern Industrial Revolution 3D printing is an innovation that enables individuals all over the world to design their own custom products. Even if one doesn’t have the appropriate equipment, access to 3D printers is much more widespread than with conventional manufacturing techniques. Offering efficiency, customizability, and accessibility to affordable production, 3D printing is changing the dynamics Read more about 3D PRINTING INNOVATION[…]

Printer Supplies

9 Ways to Save Money on Printer Supplies

For anyone who depends on their printer at home or for work, printer supplies are a necessary part of your routine. From dealing with ink and toner cartridges to keeping up with your paper supplies and handling occasional printhead problems, these items can quickly add up and even cost more than your printer. To help both home and business users save Read more about 9 Ways to Save Money on Printer Supplies[…]

Businesses Misunderstand

5 Things Businesses Misunderstand About 5G

Businesses small and large will be able to use 5G technology to improve operations, better serve customers, and leapfrog competitors. The 5G wave is fast approaching. If you’re not sure what that means, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Despite its ability to change how companies across industries do business, the next-generation cellular network still remains Read more about 5 Things Businesses Misunderstand About 5G[…]


Review: Polaroid Snap Touch camera

We crack open the Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Digital Camera, for a look at the tech that powers this printer/camera combo. Take a palm-size photo printer, bolt on a digital camera and you’ve got the Polaroid Snap Touch. Just like the instant shooters of yesteryear, the Snap Touch will give you a paper photo seconds after you Read more about Review: Polaroid Snap Touch camera[…]

best printers 2019

Best Printers for 2019

Here are the best printers for home and office use. 1. Canon Pixma TS9120 Printer Type: Inkjet  Features: Print, copy, scan Display: 5-inch color touch-screen Ink/Toner: Six cartridges (pigment black, dye black, photo blue, cyan, magenta and yellow) Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB 2.0 The best printer overall. + Fast printing and scanning speeds+ Very fast at making color Read more about Best Printers for 2019[…]