Epson Wins Good Design Award for Printers and Scanner

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, “Epson”) has won a 2020 Good Design Award for a total of five products, including four printers and one scanner. Good Design Awards are presented annually for designs that benefit and enrich people’s lives and society. Design-winners are described below along with the judges’ comments.

Inkjet printers: SC-PX1VL / SC-PX1V

printers epson

These photo-quality inkjet printers are exceptionally compact yet support A2-extra and A3-extra size sheets. They offer with remarkable expressive power for professional photographers and photo enthusiasts. After 10 years, we reviewed the image quality, unit size, exterior design, and usability from scratch to create Epson flagship models fit to lead a new era of photograph production.

Judges’ comments

These flagship Epson inkjets printer boast a compact design and exceptional powers of expression for beautiful photographs. The simple appearance, consisting of horizontal, vertical, and nearly straight lines, is modest yet has a certain power, raising expectations for beautiful printed photographs. In particular, the architectural grid-like input/output tray greatly enhances the appearance of the product as well as its functional meaning.

Inkjet printers: EW-M973A3T/EW-M873T

printers EW-M973A3T

This photo flagship multi-purpose device has large eco tanks and enables users to freely print even higher-quality photographs. The new design combines the control panel and ink tanks into one for improved usability and an advanced yet simple look. The wide selection of paper paths supports various media types and sizes. From families to photo creators, this one device has you covered.

Judges’ comments

Low-cost, environmentally considerate EcoTank inkjet printers have been gaining widespread popularity. Now Epson has significantly reduced the cost of ink with this photo-quality flagship machine that meets the needs of photo creators who demand higher print quality. In addition, the ink tanks, which had projected from the printer body due to their large capacity, are now neatly housed in the compact main body. Great care has also been taken to maximize usability, with the tanks designed to prevent refilling with the wrong color ink, refills automatically stopping when the tanks are full, and the user interface accurately depicting the situation.

Business inkjet printers: PX-M6712FT/PX-M6711FT/PX-M791FT/EW-M5610FT

printers EW-M5610FT

This series of A4/A3 multi-purpose business inkjet printers now features our highly popular eco tank system. With a low cost, a compact design that fits on a desktop, the fastest print speed in its class, and outstanding environmental performance thanks to its low energy consumption, this series is changing the SOHO business scene.

Judges’ comments

These are serious high-capacity eco-tank business inkjet printers that offer a substantial cost advantage. They feature Epson‘s first four-color all-pigment ink set. This newly developed ink solves the problem of image quality deterioration that results when the components of ink settle in large-capacity eco-tanks that have been stored for a long period of time. These printers symbolically have easy-to-refill ink tanks that are accessible from the front of the printer and automated paper ejection trays that help reduce the size of the console and improve space efficiency on the desktop.

Business Inkjet printers: WorkForce Pro WF-C879R

These A3 inkjet printers for mid-sized offices are compact yet boast a large capacity. The even simpler design saves space without getting in the way, including built-in, high-capacity ink packs, a media tray that automatically extends when printing, and a tilted control panel that fits into the unit. With a high-speed ADF, increased extensibility, and more, we focused on streamlining office work.

Judges’ comments

These business inkjet printers are extremely compact, improving office space efficiency. Behind this compactness are many signs of ingenuity, including ink packs that are built into the printer body and a paper output tray that automatically expands when A3 sheet are output. On top of that, the appearance is extremely clean and simple, making these printers a very pleasing presence in the installation environment.

Scanners: DS-32000 / DS-30000


These A3 office scanners provide high productivity in a compact design.
The three-way structure lets you efficiently digitize different documents without damaging them, while letting you clear off the desk when not using the scanner. In addition to normal use, you can rotate the unit horizontally for an easy feed position for mass scanning. Rotate the unit vertically when not in use to save desk space.

Judges’ comments

These commercial A3 scanners provide high throughput and functionality in a compact configuration. Epson conducted field research to see how users actually scanned large jobs. Based on their observations, they engineered a new three-mode rotating mechanism that includes a horizontal operation mode that makes the user’s job easier and space-saving vertical storage mode. These products give the feel of a firmly grounded design process that meshes careful user research to discover issues, designs to solve those issues, and engineering to realize it.

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