7 Things You Should Know About Toner Cartridges

Toner act as a chromophoric mean to get high-quality printed documents. This powder form material is located in a cartridge which is inserted into the printer. When you give the print command, this powder begins heating and present beautiful images and text on paper. There are many facts and information that people want to collect regarding toner formation, toner replacements requirements, refilling and recycling of cartridges, ways to remove it from clothes and hands, and toner’s effect on the human being health, etc. So, let’s discuss all these points in detail form.

toner cartridges

1. Types of Colour Used in Toners

The black and white printer works on a single color base i.e black only. The white base of the paper makes prints black and white. Whereas in color laser printers can work on four-color formats i.e CMYK. Here, K represents Black, C is for Cyan (blue), Mas Magenta and the yellow is denoted by Y. These beautiful combinations of colors help in creating amazing images.

2. Toner Formation

Basically, toner is formed from mixing the four components, i.e Colour pigments, Synthetic resin, Magnetisable metal oxides and a small number of agents like silicon and wax. The composition mixing ratio varies from the purpose where the cartridge is going to be used. Like whether is for the print roller or for some fixed units and the ratio also varies from brand to brand. Normally, toner powder particles lie between 5 to 30 micrometers. This changes the toner look and makes it look like a liquid form. This helps the toner to flow inadequate directions and without shaking.

3. Toner Replacement

The toner demand immediate replacements when it gets over. There is an indicator in the laser printers that warns the users for the low level of toner. If you install drivers on the system, then the system will deliver a notification for all toner levels. But remember, every printer use different parameters for the filling. So, till your printer began producing black pages never 100% rely on the notification. Yes, you can make its cartridge replacement ready.

4. High Printing Speed Than Ink

Laser printers have high printing speed compared to inkjet printers. Toner cartridges work on advanced laser beam technology. Therefore, it gets ready fast for the first print out than inkjet printers. In addition, toner cartridges have the credibility to deliver more accurate results than ink printers. These also have a high page yielding capacity, so you can print many pages accurately and quickly. 

5. Most Common Issue

Smudging is a common issue, means when your printer starts delivering dirt on printouts. This arises when the waste toner container is full or the drum is not really clean even due to automatic cleaning after the printing process. There can be a possibility of worn or faulty drum wiper blades. Lastly, its reason could be when the printing elements are not properly inserted into the printer like paper. All the reasons are very simple and it is easy to take the desired action against them.

6.Toner Removal From Skin and Clothes

Toner powder is a composition of very fine particles like pigments, metal oxides, and resin, etc. Due to resin quick dissolve property, it gets melt quickly. From skin, it is easy to wash with cold water. Keep in mind, never use warm water as it will only fix the toner. On the other hand, if it is placed on clothes, then it’s better to shake well your clothes. Do not try to use a home vacuum cleaner for toner removal as it can damage the cleaner.

7. Effect on Human Health

Whether the toner has a positive or negative effect on human health, it was always a title for the debates. But due to the growing needs of the printer in every office, you cannot ignore it. In many studies, it was found that inhaling the toner dust in larger quantities van he dangerous for your health. So, it’s better to place your printer away from the desk where you regularly sits. While changing its cartridges, do not forget to wear disposable gloves. Most importantly, while purchasing pay attention to its pollutant emission rate. As there are many brands that manufacturer creates premium quality pollution-free products.

Bottom Road

Hope, the above information helps you to know the interesting facts about toner cartridge. So, next time while changing your cartridge return them to recycling centers. This will help in saving the environment.  

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