Did paper get Jammed in Printer: How to Fix this Issue?

You may face various kinds of problems while printing, but very few of them are as annoying as the paper jamming issue. Unfortunately, it’s quite a common problem, and almost every user faces it at some point. Now, if you face something similar, you would want a quick solution if the paper gets jammed in your printer. After all, you may need to get it back to work urgently. But, you need not worry; there are some simple ways to deal with it. Usually, you need not be a professional to be able to get rid of this problem.

 Keep reading to know why you face this issue and how to solve it in various types of printers.


Why does the Paper get Jammed in your Printer?

Are you looking for a cause behind the jammed paper? There isn’t one, but many of them. Moreover, some of them are more common than  , as explained by experts associated with Printer Repair Dubai agency. So, the following are the main causes behind the jammed paper in a printer:

  • Improperly inserted paper

One of the most common reasons for a paper getting jammed is that it’s not properly inserted. So, you need to take that into account first when you’re looking for a solution. Moreover, you must make sure not to insert too many sheets at once.

  • Bad paper

You need to find the right quality of paper to use in a printer. Otherwise, the one you use will probably get jammed in the device.

  •  Bad cartridge quality

You might use an inkjet or laser printer; regardless, you need to use a good-quality cartridge. Otherwise, it will streak ink all across the paper. Now, that, in turn, can cause a jam.

  •  Rollers are damaged

The rollers are an essential component in a printer’s functioning. It pulls the paper into the device for printing. If it receives any damage, which it naturally does with time, that causes paper jams.

How do you Fix Paper Jams in your Printer?

The method of fixing this problem differs according to the type of printer you’re using. So, you need to apply the appropriate solution for your case. Here, you will get all the minute details and how you should proceed.

In Desktop Laser Printers

If your laser printer jams the paper, you need to turn it off first. Then, open the main cover at the top and check where the paper has jammed. Do you see it between or somewhere near the rollers? In that case, you’d want to wait for a while before touching it. Further, the rollers get quite hot during function, so try not to burn your hand.

1.Keep aside the cartridge

If you can’t see where the papers are stuck, removing the cartridge might help. Once you see it, you need to pull it out. But, you must do that with patience and avoid tearing the papers at all costs. After all, tearing it will cause debris which can cause further jams. So, no harm must come to the paper at any cost. If you can’t reach the spot of the jam, remove some latches.

2.Remove the rollers

Is the paper jammed between the rollers? Then, rotate the rollers to free them from them. Sometimes, it may not rotate if worn out. In that case, you need to remove the rollers to free the paper carefully. Also, do reach out to a professional if you need help.

In Inkjet Desktop Printers

The procedure is somewhat similar to that in the case of laser printers. Turn off the device as soon as you see the paper getting jammed. Same as in the above mentioned-case, you need to wait till the rollers cool down. You wouldn’t want to end up burning your hands after all.

1.Remove the printhead

Did any of the papers in the bundle remain free? Remove them first so you can work better on the issue. Now, open the top cover and try to find out where the jam occurred. If you can’t see it, you must remove the printhead to get a better view. Also, doing this would make it easier for you to remove the paper without damaging it.

2.Pull out the paper

Do you see the paper near the input tray? Then, try to reach it and pull it out slowly. This is the most complicated part, without any doubt. Sometimes, you may not find them there; in that case, they might have reached the output tray. So, you must look for them there. If you find them, try removing them if possible, but very slowly. A tweezer might come in handy for this purpose.

 3.Check the rollers

Do you see the paper stuck between the rollers? In that case, try rotating them to release it. If that doesn’t do the trick, remove them carefully to pull out the paper.

 4.Contact professionals

Can’t reach the paper either way? Then, you need to open up the device. Now, that job is best left up to professionals. So, you must hire a printer repair service to deal with it. Also, the printheads can often be a culprit behind paper jamming. Thus, you must ensure they’re cleaned regularly.

For the Office Printers

Office printers are built a little differently than desktop ones. Many of these even have a button to release papers in case of jams. So, you’d want to try it out first to solve the issue. In case you’ve bought it only recently, you might not know which button would work to eliminate the glitch. No need to worry; you can find that out from the manual. But before you use the button, remember to remove any papers that aren’t jammed.

1.Restart the device

Sometimes, the release paper button may not work. In that case, you must restart the printer. As you may or may not know, this step can sometimes solve the issue. In many cases, the device resolves the issue if you restart it with a jammed paper.

2.Open both trays

You need to open up the input and output trays if the previous methods didn’t work. Look for where the paper has got jammed and try to pull it out gently. Are you unable to reach it? Try using a tweezer and see if it does the trick. In case you can’t get it out, try cleaning the parts that could cause the jam.

3.Run the print function

If none of those mentioned above methods worked in your case, turn the device back on. Then, run the print function again. In many cases, this is effective as the printer proceeds to complete the incomplete print job. But, only some specific models work that way. If none of these methods works, you must hand over the task to a professional.

How to prevent further Paper Jams?

Once you’ve got a solution to the issue, you’d want to prevent it from showing up again. In that case, you must make sure not to insert too many papers first. Apart from that, use suitable quality cartridges. So, get some consultation if you want to know which ones you must use. Also, use the same quality of papers in the bundle.

You must also give attention to the position in which you place the paper on the tray. The methods given here are all tried and tested solutions and will help you solve paper jam issues in various printers. However, as mentioned, you must contact a professional if you can’t solve the issue.

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