Berto Shocked: Free Printer When You Buy a Cartridge

Do new printers come with cartridges? Many first-time printer buyers ask this question. The short answer is – yes. Most printers do include cartridges in the box with your printer but it is important to note, the majority of cartridges that are included are called “starter” cartridges. These “starter” cartridges are intended to get your printer up and running. They have a smaller amount of ink than a standard yield cartridge, and will probably last Read more about Berto Shocked: Free Printer When You Buy a Cartridge[…]


Epson Rolls Out An Easier-to-use Point-Of-Sale Printer

Epson has launched a new compact POS receipt printer that will catch the attention of retailers wanting to provide a better experience for their online and in-store customers. The OmniLink-m30II-h, OmniLink TM-m30II-NT, and TM-m30II are feature-rich, next-generation printers delivering the flexibility and convenience hospitality and retail businesses need today. Smart interface connectivity, improved reliability across the product line, and OmniLink technology provide numerous benefits such as expanded USB POS peripheral device support, online ordering, cloud printing, and network connectivity Read more about Epson Rolls Out An Easier-to-use Point-Of-Sale Printer[…]


Handy Little Printer Fits in Your Hand

A tiny handheld printer that can be used in the home or office can print onto almost any surface including your own skin. The PrintPod, developed by EveBot in Shenzhen China, is smaller than a can of spray paint but contains versatile technology that allows end-users to simply “wave” the printer over an object, to print onto it. The developers claim it has been designed to print in a variety of permanent, skin-friendly, and even invisible Read more about Handy Little Printer Fits in Your Hand[…]


HP Donates Bioprinters to Combat COVID-19

HP Inc (HP) has announced the deployment of HP D300e BioPrinters, associated supply cassettes, and training, free of charge, to research laboratories in the U.S. and Europe to help accelerate drug and vaccine research to combat COVID-19. “Each of us has a role to play to combat this pandemic, and HP and the HP Foundation have donated millions of dollars in products and grants to support local communities impacted by COVID-19 worldwide,” said Annette Friskopp, Global Read more about HP Donates Bioprinters to Combat COVID-19[…]


Kyocera Launches 150ppm Inkjet Printer

Kyocera is launching into the production print market with its first commercial printer, a 150 A4-pages-a-minute cut-sheet inkjet printer: the Taskalfa Pro 15000c. The company is no stranger to the commercial print world. Its inkjet print heads are widely used by well-known brands in wide format and direct to garment, but the Tasksalfa Pro 15000c is its first system under its own name. The company says the new printer will be priced competitively and claims it has Read more about Kyocera Launches 150ppm Inkjet Printer[…]

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How to choose a printer for your business?

Printing is a vital part of most organisations, and there are many ways to acquire a printer that work for different types of businesses. Should you buy a printer? If you have employees with the skills to fix printer issues or the ability to pay for external printer servicing, and you are happy to put up a large amount of capital upfront, then buying a printer. Should you lease a printer? Leasing is more like buying Read more about How to choose a printer for your business?[…]


Supply: All-in-one cartridge

Ricoh supplies are designed to optimize the printer performance to provide the best quality and reliable printing continuously. Using non-Ricoh supplies may result in poor printing quality or damaged machine.  Purchasing non-Ricoh supplies in order to hold down costs can, in the final analysis, result in a higher total cost of ownership because such supplies can lead to more frequent toner cartridge changes and cause malfunctions that disrupt operations. Three reasons why authentic consumables are Read more about Supply: All-in-one cartridge[…]

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9 Ways to Save Money on Printer Supplies

For anyone who depends on their printer at home or for work, printer supplies are a necessary part of your routine. From dealing with ink and toner cartridges to keeping up with your paper supplies and handling occasional printhead problems, these items can quickly add up and even cost more than your printer. To help both home and business users save money on their print supply routine, we’ve compiled the top 9 ways to save money on printer supplies. High-yield Original Read more about 9 Ways to Save Money on Printer Supplies[…]