NuraLoop Are The Last Earphones You Should Ever Buy

NuraLoop by Nuraphone are the cousin to the original hefty can design. Can Nuraphone get the same tech from those beasts into a smaller unit and still deliver? Yes, yes they can. I have been testing NuraLoops for just over a week under a pain of death NDA I agreed to. Overall the product feels and looks lux, the setup is simple (10 mins), and the app walks you through the pairing process to get your account and test completed.


A lot of the design and functionality came from feedback from DJs. From being able to connect into analogue ports to plane seats (remember them?), wireless is great, but you need to cover your bases. Charging is a breeze thanks to the dot at the back of the loops. Trust me it rests comfortably on your neck, although it is flying out in the blue picture above. A single charge lasts for 16 hours which is more than 3x what competitors last. Ten minutes of charging gets you two hours of playback in a pinch.

Weighing in at 25 grams you’ll forget the impressive bit of kit is on your ears. There’s no losing NuraLoop thanks to the cable connecting the earphones. When you pick them up for the first time, you feel like you’re a sound technician because of the design and the feel of the materials. Automatically turning on and off when in your ears, NuraLoop works as earphones should, the built-in TouchDials are easy to use and customisable to your preference for skipping and changing the volume or immersion mode.

Weight and design aren’t the only reason to buy NuraLoops. The battery life trounces the competition with 16 hours on a single charge. Unlike cordless options, NuraLoops secure on your ears with sweat-resistant materials and adjustable loops. When you put them on and adjust them to your ear, you feel like they are part of your head. Something that I previously thought would be hard to achieve without significant customisation and expensive moulding.

The sound is just as impressive as the can version thanks to the unique tuning system each user goes through when then setup the headphones – everyone gets a different Aura. ‘Otoacoustic emission’ (something very similar to a child’s hearing test to assess deafness) is what the company uses to create the unique hearing profile for every user. 

I spoke with Dragan Petrović, Co-founder & CEO, CEO of Nuraphone, who was honest about the challenges he and team have faced getting the product ready thanks to current events and being perfectionists. Petrović also described the robust testing process, anecdotally adding that they ‘pass the convertible test’; “A tester used made a call in a convertible with the top down, and the person on the other could hear fine.” 

While I have no convertible to test with, I did hold a conversation in some pretty high winds recently and had no problem with the call. No plans yet for the same subscription model that you can get with Nuraphone but based on the economy and Amazon holds – direct to consumer is the right play for right now. A sexier case rather than the fabric pouch NuraLoop comes with would have been preferable, but NuraLoops naturally stay around your neck well when not in your ears. Not a lot to knock, these have had a lot of love poured into them.

Previously I wrote that Nuraphone were the last headphones you should buy. I stand by that statement for personal preference, but if you’re a runner, you’re going to want to get the NuraLoop version yesterday – lower price, lighter, same sound. If the original Nuraphone design seemed bulky to you, Christmas has come early.

You can buy Nuraloop for $199 from now.

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