Microsoft Just Released ‘The Best MacBook Pro

This week, two key flagship laptops have been launched. Both have been a long time coming, both communities were eager to see what would be delivered, and both have reasons to be cheerful. If you think about the spirit of the two machines, there’s a lot of DNA shared between Microsoft and Apple. But only one feels like a ‘Pro’. Monday 4th May saw Apple launch the update to the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Design wise very little has changed on Read more about Microsoft Just Released ‘The Best MacBook Pro[…]

macOS update

Should You Upgrade Your MacBook Pro?

Apple has released the fourth major update to the sixteenth version of MacOS. Released in late March, MacOS Catalina 10.15.4 includes Screen Time Communication Limits, which allows parents to restrict the contacts that a child can call through FaceTime, Phone, Messages, and iCloud Contacts; Head Pointer Accessibility which allows the cursor to be controlled by head movements track by the webcam; iCloud folder sharing in Finder; and real time lyrics in Apple Music. You also have the Read more about Should You Upgrade Your MacBook Pro?[…]