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Future of the Print Technology Industry

In my view, we’ve got to segment the market into four types of customers, before we start: large enterprises central and local government small and medium enterprises self-employed and micro-business (start-ups) If any of you attended last years RemaxWorld Expo in Zhuhai, you may have caught a talk by John Shane, the Keypoint Intelligence Infotrends director of communication supplies consulting service. He presented fact-based research showing (even before the global pandemic) a decline in printing by Read more about Future of the Print Technology Industry[…]

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10 handy tips to improve retail efficiency with print processes

The way consumers shop has evolved significantly over the past decade. Take stock of the opportunities with these 10 ideas to help improve processes, customer experience and bottom line with print technology. While European retail sales are expected to rise by 2% in 2019 – capitalising on this growth opportunity requires innovation that is geared towards meeting the needs of customers that expect the very best, now. This makes efficiencies more important than ever in retail. Read more about 10 handy tips to improve retail efficiency with print processes[…]