The emerging trends for 2020 in the printing industry are expected to raise the value of the market considerably. The rapid rise in digitalized printing is the main cause of this expected growth across the industry. Digital printing technology has improved significantly in recent years with artificially intelligent devices allowing for high-quality print designs.

Smart printing devices that are cost-effective for companies and allow them to offer print-on-demand services to a much larger customer base. The printing industry can now effectively customize and optimize its devices and order materials such as dies, inks, paper, and packaging with extra flexibility to provide a fast, reliable, and valuable service that doesn’t have to solely rely on the older more offset printing machines and materials. 2020 trends are likely to improve print service enterprises significantly and to increase their business profits substantially.

The printing industry will basically be transformed by brand-new digitalized technologies that will help to boost productivity and benefit consumers. Print services can adopt modern techniques and strategies to improve workflow and help them to focus on expanding the business. Opting for digitally advanced multifunctional machinery and print products will almost guarantee internal growth and provide customer satisfaction.

Print is one of the oldest forms of analog communication channels, but with the influx of emerging trends in the 21st century, it’s helping to create a more digitalized channel that now has global popularity and strong demand. The main emerging trends for 2020 in the printing industry include:

The Internet of Things:

printing industry

New trending initiatives for 2020 are the reason for this improvement in efficiency across the printing industry, but it’s the Internet of Things (IOT), that is the main cause for such exponential growth and excitement across the sector. The IoT has created a need for AI technologies, including devices like all-in-one machines capable of an array of different functions. It has created an increased demand for digitalization throughout the printing industry and a huge demand from global consumers. A variety of industries have realized the potential of internal and external growth via the IoT. However, it is the print-on-demand sector that will experience the most growth by adding smarter technologies across its business infrastructures and systems.

Inkjets, Paper, and Packaging:

The development of inkjet solutions has already started, and it’s an initiative that is expected to change the way print companies offer inks and commercial prints. The creation of better inkjets that hold quality inks packed with color is always a good thing for the industry and its consumers. New advancements in inkjet technologies is also expected to affect the paper and packaging markets. With quality labels and packages being created that are extremely cost-effective and that offer more color to entice consumers, inkjet solution is a trend to look forward to in 2020.

Secured Printing and Clientele Security:

Printing initiatives and services that provide extra security for secured printing is an emerging trend for 2020 in the printing industry. AI technology with ID scanning and added documentation security is a much-needed resource and a major factor across the sector.

Security in today’s digital era is extremely important and the added benefits that advanced technologies can bring to the industry and its secured printing and clientele security initiatives are welcomed. Cybercriminals must be countered, and extra, smarter security is the way forward into the year 2020, and for the future.

Cloud Technologies:


Cloud service is currently an emerging trend that is being adopted and implemented across the printing industry. Many industry leaders like Lexmark and Linux have recently adopted the cloud-delivered MPS, as it reduces complications concerning on-premise print management and increases productivity throughout the printing environment.

Printing work can be done by using virtual servers from services such as Google Cloud and co. It allows print companies to effectively eliminate the need for constant on-premise work via on-premise servers. It is allowing for more flexibility due to an increase in remote working capability. Cloud technologies are great for the printing industry, and by the year 2020 many organizations will have implemented such services across their systems.

Information Technology:

Information Technology

The involvement of IT across the printing industry is constantly growing as more print companies favor the IT service providers that offer additional benefits and features. IT providers now offer more to print companies. They can help organizations to broaden their product portfolio and increase their sales. Providers that offer more specialized support and IT expertise are needed in the printing industry. New IT acquisitions with more capabilities will improve the industry by 2020.

Personalized Prints:

Another popular and emerging trend for 2020 in the printing industry is personalized printing initiatives. Global companies can now easily offer clients a more personalized experience, and with the influx of consumers that are increasingly searching for services that provide personalized experience and products. It’s a trend that will surely flourish in the future.

Personalization via print products like templates and flyers are a great form of material for individuals and businesses. Brand-new product design technologies will enable the print industry to offer customers this personalized experience. Companies that employ devices and offer such products will surely have the edge over the competition and gain a larger share of the market. Personalized prints can be offered to a huge customer base via e-commerce stores, and by 2020, it’s expected to be a huge factor in increasing sales and business profits.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging AI technologies will help the printing industry to experience growth in many different areas. Artificial intelligence that offers facial and voice recognition to print workers and consumers is an emerging trend for 2020. Companies and their customers can expect printing initiatives that allow for major improvements in the overall experience. Printing devices with machine learning capability and a better variety of print products and materials will only increase company sales and customer satisfaction. The entire process of printing and communications can be improved with artificial intelligence.

AI is allowing companies to transform their services as it provides further opportunities to develop their products and materials. Brand-new AI initiatives enable print providers to follow the path of continuous improvement, and that is why artificial intelligence is one of the biggest trends emerging for the year 2020 and beyond. It will help to increase global printing revenues, which have already seen a steady increase in recent years. The production of AI technologies for the printing industry is expected to continue on its path towards the utilization of digitalized print media.

The demand for company customization, optimization, and customer personalization is constantly rising, and the industry can thank artificial intelligence as well as other important factors for the growth. Print providers can now exploit the added opportunity that AI technologies provide. New technological initiatives allow for a stable and strong environment as well as offering important trending changes in channels and printing techniques and products.



Brand-new advertising strategies are being created that are helping to find and communicate with a larger customer base. Advertising companies pay for the majority of print in today’s market; therefore, the printing industry must stay up to date with new advertising techniques and products that enable them to at least match the competition. The digital revolution has been massive for advertising across the globe, and with many companies using print services to communicate with the consumer. Advertising is a great source of revenue for the printing industry, so print service must follow the latest trends to ensure overall print and business success.



The importance of following trends in e-commerce and creating an online store to sell print products is huge for companies across the printing industry. Ecommerce today can create a massive source of revenue and seriously increase volumes of internal and external growth. In the digital era, it would be crazy for a print service to not include an e-store as a strong part of its business model. The internet offers massive volumes of potential sales and growth, as well as being the perfect place to collaborate with other companies and to communicate with consumers.

Around the world, customers now search for products online as the internet offers quality items and the added benefit of shopping convenience. Print services can create sales and deliver products to consumer’s home. Ecommerce is one of the biggest emerging trends for 2020, and it will continue to grow well into the foreseeable future. The potential growth for e-commerce companies is astonishing, and the printing industry is well aware of that fact.

Many small companies within the sector that haven’t already set up and e-commerce store as part of its service should quickly jump on the bandwagon and exploit the internet’s true buying and selling potential. Ecommerce is a company concept that now defines the way all industries do business. Therefore, creating an online multi-channel environment is essential for success.

Company Customization:

Emerging trends in company customizations are helping to optimize many businesses in the printing industry fully. In 2020, there is expected to be a huge shift from the mass production of concepts associated with static print initiatives and print management objectives. Static print may become a thing of the past as digital print takes over. Digitalized concepts related to communications and print data management are essential in today’s digital era. Digital customizations that offer personalization and company infrastructure sophistication are allowing organizations better applications for variables, including text, images, and personalized documentation.

Company customization trends are currently providing businesses with the knowledge of augmented reality and allowing them to include complex QR codes to create interactive prints for sale. Following trends in items like customized business cards, flyers, and other important stationery helps print firms to create a conventional list of new potential products and rapidly grow their customer base. By fully customizing and optimizing the company, it will also help it to create larger databases to capture important and relevant consumer data that will add overall value to the business.

Social Media:

social media

Social media is an emerging trend that is helping the print industry to experience great growth. Online social platforms create the perfect environment for consumer engagement and other objectives, including data analysis and personalization strategies, etc. The amazing growth experienced by platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and co, has also had a massive effect on the printing industry. Easier access to consumer communications has led to a significant increase in sales. With many social media websites offering advertising boards and personalized videos as a part of their service. Print companies around the world can find and communicate with a large customer base.  

These emerging trends for 2020 in the printing industry will be key factors for improving company productivity, increasing revenue, and for important collaborations and communications with consumers.

The following trends will empower the printing industry and help it to find new customers in the years ahead. Companies that are able to adapt in the digital era will surely be capable of reaching business success. Integrating new developments in advanced technologies into infrastructures and across all systems will enable print services to continue to compete in an extremely competitive environment. The industry must approach the digital era with the confidence that technology will suffice. Digitalization is a part of globalization, and it will help the print industry in many different areas, including:

Print processing improvements that help to reduce wastage and improve levels of compliance. It will help global companies to develop e-commerce stores with solutions to reduce IT administration whilst creating ways to communicate with the consumer and increase sales. Printing management will become easier, and all print production processes will be streamlined in the near future. Distribution will be easier with better logistics. Emerging trends will eventually increase the lifecycle of products and offer integrated systems to target more customers via different methods of engagement. New social media platforms will likely be created in the future, which will increase the potential for print sales.

Opportunities from emerging trends for internal and external growth in the printing industry are obvious, and many print services are constantly searching for mass-media sources to generate more custom resulting in more sales and more growth. Finding different channels and solutions will create industry success. By following the list of emerging trends, it will enable print companies to keep up to date with the ever-shifting dynamics of the market and to update their service with the new digital technology that will help them to thrive. The future looks brighter for such services as new developments are constantly being created. Print companies will be able to offer consumers a wide range of diverse items that are basically customized, optimized, and personalized products to fit the needs of the customer.

Although the competition may be increasing across the print industry, companies can still compete for a significant market segment. Organizations will still have the capacity to improving productivity and increasing revenues if they continue to digitalize their systems and follow all of the emerging trends. 2020 could be a great year for the print industry. Recruitment and sales figures are expected to rise because the key to finding the right staff and increasing sales is digitalization and globalization. The industry recognizes that, and it will surely adapt and apply the correct technologies such as brand-new hardware and software systems to help its companies to continue on the path of high performance and overall business success.

If the industry continues to find quality sources for marketing its products, it will continue to experience some kind of growth. There will always be a demand for better printing machinery and products that will allow print companies to satisfy their customer bases fully. Engaging with the consumer via new digital technologies and platforms like social media will surely increase that demand. Therefore, the supply and demand chain will be fulfilled with the correct implementation of AI technologies throughout the industry and with the help of the IoT.  

The printing industry must continue to connect with the consumer and create new print products and materials that offer many additional benefits to the buyer. The capacity for transformation is integral to business success and by transforming technologies, products, and channels it will allow for improved productivity and at least a slow and steady increase in print service profits. The process of change has already begun within the printing industry, and it’s a technological journey that will significantly improve all aspects and areas of the sector. Major internal and external changes will create major sales and increased customer satisfaction.

Progression in products and different digital technology developments will ensure the industry strives towards success and meets the needs of the consumers.  

If the printing industry continues to follow emerging trends and it continues to find and provide suitable equipment across its many companies and provide new products that excite and entice customers to try their services, the print sector and its ever-growing market will surely continue to evolve, and it will likely experience exponential growth in 2020.  


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