Best Printers 2020

Printers are an important part of Office, Business and for the home in case if you sometimes work from home too. Finding the Best Printer is not an easy job as it may seem. We need to look at the various things before selecting the best printer for your Office, Home or Business.

But don’t worry we have done this hectic job for you to save your valuable time in researching the best products that meet your budget and requirements. We have selected the Best Printers of 2020 after massive research and comparison.

Here are the best Printers of 2020 along with Reviews and Pros and Cons. You can select the printer that meets your requirements and the Budget.

HP OfficeJet Pro 6830

HP OfficeJet Pro 6830
  • Directly scan your documents to a pc
  • Touch screen of 6.75 cm
  • USB port

The Hp OfficeJet Pro 6830 Color Inkjet Multi-Function Printer is truly a 4-in-1 printer because it allows you to print, copy, scan and has a fax feature.

You’ll be able to print in high-quality, professional colors for a lower cost of ownership with HP’s high-capacity cartridges.

It is a versatile printer with a speed of printing up to 19 pages per minute in black and white. It is also a two-sided printer with a 225-sheet paper tray.

You can directly scan your documents to a pc, your email address or a network folder. You’ll also enjoy a 35-sheet document feeder to increase your productivity.

This model is also connected to the web. With a touch screen of 6.75 cm, you can connect via your Wi-Fi wireless network or from your mobile devices such as your tablet or iPhone through the HP Eprint Application. A front USB port is also available.

HP Envy Photo 7130 – All in One Wi-Fi Photo Printer

  • Touch Screen
  • low price
  • Print Photos directly from Smartphone
  • Little bit old Model
Pros Touch Screen low price Print Photos directly from Smartphone Cons Little bit old Model

This printer is a 3-in-1 model with a touch screen offering a duplex function and a wifi connection.

It is a complete and cheap printer that allows you to print photos and documents very easily from all mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and pc connected to the internet).

You can connect this printer to your local network or wireless internet from your PC. If you are looking for a laser-quality printer this is probably the one for you. Professional quality at a low price!

You can actually print amazing photos without any borders. You’ll enjoy crisp images, and you’ll be able to print 10×15 cm photos at a glance from your smartphone and without having to change paper with the separate photo tray.

This HP model has a touch screen 6.75 cm or 2.65 inches. If you want to save on paper you can use up to 50% fewer paper thanks to the automatic two-sided printing function. HP provides the best value for money to its users and same goes with this printer, it is a worth buying printer and we label it as one of the Best Printers of 2020 and we highly recommend this Printer.

Brother MFC-9330CDW – All in One Color Laser Printer

Brother MFC-9330CDW – All in One Color Laser Printer

The Brother brand MFC 9330 CDW incorporates a host of mobile features. You can print directly from your mobile phone using the built-in Brother iPrint & Scan application, or you can use the Wi-Fi connection with Air Print technology or Google Cloud Print.

This printer has a print speed of up to 22ppm (monochrome) and 2ppm color. You will enjoy the optimal photo quality.

In addition, this high-end model can reduce your printing costs by offering high-capacity color toner cartridges.

These cartridges can generate up to 220 professional-quality pages. You’ll get a much faster and more secure wireless 802.11n wireless connection.

Of course, you can connect via your integrated Ethernet network or simply from your pc through USB 2.0. The MFC 9330 is one of the best printers of 2020 that you can purchase without any doubt because of its various features and functions. If you have no issue of Budget then this is one of the Best Printers of 2020 that you can buy right away.

Ricoh SP 112 Laser Printer

Ricoh SP 112 Laser Printer
  • Print Speed 16 ppm
  • Monochrome laser Electrostatic Transfer
  • First Print Speed is 13 seconds

The Ricoh SP112 black and white printer is a very affordable compact printer.

It is a laser model very easy to use and easy to maintain every day. Despite its small price, you can buy it with confidence because it is truly a guarantee of quality.

Indeed, it is capable of producing documents of very high resolution and breathtaking professional quality. This space-saving printer can print up to 16 pages per minute! Suffice to say that the productivity side you will be widely used!

It is a printer with a manual duplex function and you can connect it via USB. You can also easily replace the used cartridge with front access.

Moreover, it is an economic model since it consumes very little energy and is quieter when it is running.

Instead of bothering to buy a used printer, opt for this exceptionally cheap and environmentally friendly model.

There are many printer models, it’s up to you whether you need an inkjet printer or a laser printer. Indeed according to your needs, you will not orient yourself towards a random model. It is important to know how you intend to use it, whether it is only to print documents occasionally or if it is for a little more or even professional use.

Best Budget Printers 2020

Need a printer quickly, without spending too much? Discover our selection of multifunction printers at less than $150.

Administrative procedures, children’s homework at school, student revisions, ticket printing: in many situations, it seems difficult to move on without having your own printer. If you do not want this purchase to impact your budget too much, look for these accessible, commercially available entry-level alternatives for less than $150.

These devices will not necessarily amaze you with their speed or the sharpness of the rendering if you compare them to high-end references. However, they meet all the basic requirements of a small printer not too expensive, that we will solicit rather punctually. Of course, all the models we have chosen for you combine several functions: you can photocopy, scan and print without any difficulty.

HP DeskJet 3639

HP DeskJet 3639
  • It is less noisy while printing
  • Print colors are Amazing
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Few Customers have complaint about the connectivity

You can easily buy it at a small price: the HP DeskJet 3639 printer, self-proclaimed “3in1”, is based on modest pretensions to seduce a clientele looking for economical equipment, ensuring the basic work. For a student who equips his studio, the compact aspect will undoubtedly please: it is easily placed on a desk, even when there is finally little space. The design, for its part, is both sober and neat.

Including WiFi connectivity and even a mobile application for remote printing, this printer is quiet and low-power. However, the note will be saltier when it comes to buying consumables: it will take about 0.128 € per printed page, given the cost of cartridges.

More surprising, despite its low price, this printer offers a nice rendering on the photos. Nevertheless, we advise you to keep it for more traditional use. Since it was not designed for photos, it consumes a lot of ink and needs a lot of time to edit your images.

Canon PIXMA TS6150 – 3 in 1 Printer

Canon PIXMA TS6150 – 3 in 1 Printer
  • Compact Appearance
  • 7.5cm Touch Screen
  • 5 separate inks
  • No Sources of 3rd party ink Refill

This small Canon Pixma TS6150 printer impresses with its compact appearance. Although it is clearly among the entry-level products, it has some good surprises to try: undoubtedly, you must choose if you want to get a great result without investing in a device too expensive.

With an average price per page of € 0.062, this printer is rather economical: if you want the ink to come back as cheaply as possible, opt for “XXL” cartridge formats. They are more expensive to buy but last longer, as long as you keep your device clean and make sure the consumables do not dry out.

In general, this printer will be the best entry-level solution for anyone who regularly publishes illustrated files or even snapshots. As a recognized brand of cameras, Canon could not afford to simply meet the basic criteria on its printers: you will be really amazed at how sharp the result is and the colors are accurate.

Be careful, however, to the multi-page folders you need very quickly: the printer requires a drying time when it is used too intensively. On a presentation of several dozen sheets, you will have to be patient if you opt for this model.

This compact multifunction printer lets you print, scan, and copy photos and documents to your home. It features a 7.5cm touchscreen, 5 separate inks, and ready-to-use smart wireless cloud connectivity.

Epson Expression Home XP-255

Epson Expression Home XP-255
  • It can Print and Scan at the same time
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Little bit Heavier than other models

Visually, it has everything like a powerful printer, but its price will surprise you: the printer Epson XP-255 does not exceed 100 €! It is very easy to take in hand.

Like all multifunction printers, this inkjet model prints, scans, and photocopies. Technologies side, this device works in WiFi, but you can also order it via a free mobile application, Epson iPrint1. The whole family, whatever their mastery of new technologies, will find the way to mobilize this device simply.

Since it runs with Epson Claria Home cartridges (which you can change color by color, for less waste), the printer offers an acceptable rendering on the photographs. However, we note that the editing speed is not necessarily spectacular.

As is often the case with inexpensive printers, you have to be patient when you have to copy several pages. In short, since it is easy to use and powerful in many cases, this printer will appeal to all families looking for a simple, compact and inexpensive device.

Save time, space and money with this ultra-compact multifunction with Wi-Fi Direct, mobile printing, and separate ink cartridges.

Epson Expression Home XP-445

Epson Expression Home XP-445
  • LCD color touch panel display
  • Renowned for its speed
  • It has some negtive customer reviews

The printer Epson Expression Home XP-445 with its small dimensions has great surprises for its users. When it is fully folded, it really takes no space.

It is a must for student studios or offices in which we lack space! On the comfort side, the presence of an LCD screen facilitates the selection of the various commands and allows to use the device even if one only has a cursory control of the computer

On average, a page will return you at 0.094 € with this template. If you stay on black and white prints, the return will be rather affordable. On the other hand, redouble your vigilance if you often edit in color it will cost you much more.

Renowned for its speed of printing, this reference does not disappoint, either, when scanning or photocopying. Each time, it is very effective and does not waste time. Thus, this model becomes the must for anyone looking for a printer not too expensive, simple to use and rather fast.

Save space, money, and time with this ultra-compact Epson MFP that offers a separate ink cartridge system, a mobile print function, and a large LCD color touch panel display.

HP Officejet 3830 – All in One Printer

HP Officejet 3830 – All in One Printer
  • Excellent Print Speed
  • 3 in 1 Printer
  • It can Copy, Scan and Print at the same time
  • Budget Friendly
  • Wireless
  • Best Selling Printer on Amazon

In the world of multifunction printers at low prices, we can quickly see that some are slower, or they require some cooling time that delays the editing of a folder of several pages. With the HP Office Jet 3830, you get the excellent print or copy speed, but it’s slightly slower on color documents.

Little more, this model has a touch screen very easy to use. On the other hand, keep in mind that consumables can cost a little more, especially because you have to change the three colors simultaneously. It is one of the best printers of 2020 in this Budget range with multiple features.

If you install this printer in your office and find it too noisy, be aware that you have the option of enabling a quiet mode, which will be particularly useful to focus more easily. Finally, unlike the other multifunction printers presented here, often “3in1” (copy, scan, and print), it embeds another feature, since it can also fax documents.

Be more productive by printing easily from your smartphone or tablet. Simplify your print jobs while saving time and money with this HP Instant Ink compatible all-in-one printer. It fits almost any workspace and works quietly in the background.

What is the best printer of 2020?

Whether you’re looking for the best A3, A2 printer or a particular branded printer, like Apple Printers, We have put together the best printers of 2020 available in the market for you to find the one that’s right for you.

A quality office printer is indeed very important for your business needs but also personal.

Choice criteria exist that help you determine which model is right for you. That’s why it’s important to carefully define your needs before you start buying.

Which printer to choose?

We have selected the best-priced office printers that are cheap and multitasking inkjet printers. You should read this buyer’s guide to understanding which printer meets your requirements and budget.

How to choose a good printer?

There are many brands of printers offering models increasingly connected and affordable prices. We offer a comparison to choose the printer you need according to specific criteria such as its use. Do you plan to use it for black and white or color prints? In inkjet or laser? Questions that need to be answered to find the printer that best suits your needs.

What are the types of printers?

It is important to know the types of printers available on the market. You can opt for a black and white printer if you intend to print text documents or black and white tables. You do not need color for this type of use.

If you need to print documents or images in color, you have every interest in choosing a color printer that will allow you to print anything you want whether graphics, images, and some powerful printers even to offer you professional quality.

You can also opt for a color multifunction printer that as its name suggests, will allow you to do several things without buying other devices. You will be able to scan, photocopy, fax in color all your personal and professional documents with a very good resolution.

A printer according to the type of printing

If you want to print text exclusively in black, you can buy an inkjet printer or a laser printer.

To print text in color, choose cheap inkjet models, it can be a simple Konika printer or Ricoh color printer.

Also, if you plan to print at large volumes, choose a color laser printer such as a Samsung laser printer, or a Brother laser model that will do just fine.

If you want to print standard photos, you will need to look at models of quality inkjet photo printers because a solid printer even for standard photos can do its job well over a long period.

Inkjet or Laser Printer?

The inkjet printer is suitable for multifunction family use. Inkjet models are generally small and much quieter than laser printers.

Inkjet printers are able to produce very good quality photos, but ink cartridges are a bit expensive in the long run, unlike a laser printer.

Laser models are more suitable for intensive use or professional when you have high volumes of print to launch. Laser printers allow very fast prints in large quantities. The only problem, prices are necessarily a little higher than inkjet models.

How much does a printer cost?

You can very well buy a cheap printer at all but in the end, you end up with expenses related to the very important ink cartridges.

You need to pay attention to the price of ink cartridges before you have made your mind to buy a particular model.

Keep in mind that printers for business use will cost a little more than standard printers.

If you opt for a color printer, do not hesitate to buy color cartridges separately as you will not have to change all the cartridges when only one color is used up. You can opt for alternative brands in order to keep costs as low as possible. These also offer good color quality.

Printers for Printing Photos

A photo-quality printer will allow you to print your images with a good quality of resolution. The models for printing photos have card readers and are compact. This will allow you to print photos directly from your phone or tablet.

You can think of a regular printer to print your photos because an inkjet printer offers you very high-resolution photos from the moment you use specific paper.

However, for black, the laser printer is at the top. Indeed, the draw will be deeper and sharper. In addition, laser prints do not do any task.

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