Three Factors To Consider In Your Web Application And API Cybersecurity Solution


The information technology industry is acutely aware of the massive number of nefarious attacks against e-commerce sites in the world today. Pick any survey to read, and no matter what statistics they publish, they all have one thing in common: Cyberattacks are growing in number and size. Cybersecurity professionals find it difficult to stay ahead of the wave of ever-changing and increasingly challenging attack vectors presented by seemingly inventive new threats. If you select the wrong solution, your organization may very well be in peril.

Organizations that are in the process of selecting a cybersecurity solution that will actively secure them should focus their search on solutions that integrate with their existing security internally, address all vectors of attack, scale to address attacks without affecting normal and valid traffic, and leverage the knowledge learned by other customers of that product globally. Those solutions will meet the three recommended factors of success below:

1. Comprehensive Security By Default


Quality cybersecurity solutions incorporate a comprehensive approach to the cyber threats that exist, addressing all threat vectors. They do not leave lethal gaps that expose your organization, expecting that you will add another tool to compensate.

A comprehensive solution will address all threat vectors and work with your internal security to establish a zero-gap approach that allows only valid traffic through to your resources. Your next tool should, at minimum, include:

• Next-generation WAF.

• Auto-scaling.

• Load balancing.

CDN integration.

• Real-time analytics.

• Human behavioral analysis.

• Dynamic rule development.

• Real-time rule simulation.

• Advanced bot management.

Effective and seamless deployment of these tools within a single solution can deliver a comprehensive, security-first environment.

Security-by-default solutions integrate your mobile applications as well. Solutions that leverage the biometrics of the mobile device coupled with human nature are best at filtering out malicious bots. The ability to recognize good bots so they may pass is also essential.

2. Ability To Leverage Elasticity


Quality cybersecurity solutions that leverage elasticity should provide the best overall protection against most attacks. Elasticity itself does not provide salvation, but employing it to expand solution capacity on the fly as an attack is occurring will allow your valid traffic to continue to flow as normal as you deal with the ongoing attack.

If your environment cannot dynamically expand and contract, your only avenue to address this situation is to build overwhelming capacity in hopes that you exceed the potential attack your organization may or may not suffer. A solution that leverages elasticity can address that attack, no matter how large, and still allow your application to process valid traffic.

Solutions that leverage cloud services, that were built specifically to run in the cloud, provide the best opportunity to leverage elasticity in the face of devastating attacks. There simply is little opportunity for an organization to build the infrastructure in-house to combat large, multivectored attacks and remain sustainable.

3. Ability To Knowledge Gather, Analyze And Share


Quality cybersecurity solutions should not allow attacks on other customers to affect your applications. This can potentially happen with SaaS-based cybersecurity solutions. Your traffic is commingled among infrastructure available to other customers. If those customers suffer an enormous surge in good and/or bad traffic, your application may suffer the consequences consistent with that of a DDoS attack.

Focus on solutions that are dedicated to your application or your organization at a minimum. Maintaining a solid border from other organizations will eliminate spillage from another organization’s ill-fated planning. Additionally, the solution you choose should leverage learning from many organizations globally, giving you the best chance to protect your organization from zero-hour attacks. Quality solutions leverage AI and machine learning with matrixed analysis and sharing of new threats and threat vectors to keep all organizations safe.

There are a lot of options available in the industry that claim to provide the most effective cybersecurity protection for your web applications and APIs. However, I believe it is very important to select a solution that focuses on these three factors.

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