ProtonMail Responds To COVID-19 Pandemic By Adding 5GB+ Free Storage


Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented number of people are now working from home and relying more on secure, privacy-conscious software to communicate and accomplish their jobs. In what is undoubtedly a helpful gesture (and clearly a savvy PR move) ProtonMail is responding by gifting all paid subscribers at least 5GB of added storage for their accounts. The company has also launched a number of other initiatives to assist organizations who assist in the fight against COVID-19.

ProtonMail co-creator Dr. Andy Yen introduced the added storage capacity — which is permanent for existing subscribers and anyone who signs up by April 30 — via a blog post earlier today.

Yen reassured the Proton community that the company has “taken immediate steps to keep our employees and their families safe” by mandating remote work and ceasing non-essential travel, and has managed to maintain 100% operating capacity throughout the changes.

Following that reassurance, Yen detailed the new changes to ProtonMail’s storage capacity for each subscriber tier. Here’s what the increases look like:

  • +5 GB for Plus plan (effectively doubling the base capacity of 5GB)
  • +5 GB/user for Professional plan
  • +10 GB for Visionary plan

ProtonVPN Servers Expand To Accommodate Increased Demand

All ProtonMail subscribers also get access to ProtonVPN at no additional charge, and it looks like the company has beefed up their infrastructure due to increased demand in the US and Europe.

Yen says they’ve added 53 additional servers across 17 countries.

Rounding out the blog post is an announcement that ProtonMail will be donating email and VPN services to organizations who are assisting in the fight against COVID-19. The qualifications are vague, but you can get more information by emailing

I’m personally pleased to see the company also dedicating the spare compute cycles of its Zurich-based datacenter to Rosetta@Home, a distributed computing project that assists scientists in understanding the virus by running complex computer simulations.

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