Google Tries To Match Apple’s H1 Headphone Chip Features With Updates To Fast Pair

fast pair

As Google launched its refreshed Pixel Buds headphones, the company also revealed more details about updates to Fast Pair — a proprietary codec that allows Bluetooth devices to quickly connect using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

The technology was first announced in October 2017, just months after Apple started selling the first version of its AirPods wireless headphones, which featured Apple’s now-outdated W1 chip.

The new Fast Pair features, which will be available to users with compatible devices and Android 6.0 or higher, match up Fast Pair with features found in Google’s H1 chip.

Google updated Fast Pair to make it easier to find misplaced headphones, by allowing users to ring them from their device. An audible sound will emit from the buds in response, to help users locate them. The company will also add a feature in the near future that will allow users to track the last detected location where the headphones were in operation, using the “Find My Device.”

Fast Pair will also add a battery level indicator, letting users know how much charge is left on their headphones when they access their device. F.P. is also adding expanded customization options.

The updated version of Fast Pair is now available on Google’s new Pixel Buds and Harmon Kardon FLY headphones. Google said it will expand the new technology to other devices in the near future.

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