New iPhone Exclusive Reveals Surprise Apple Design Decision

Apple first 2020 iPhone is ready to launch. No, it’s not the big one but it’s going to be the perfect model for millions of users. But sadly, there is now one surprising setback.


In a wide-ranging (and very enjoyable) interview with Gadget Cast, Front Page Tech’s Jon Prosser revealed the new 2020 iPhone SE will not have the camera many expected. And (in this case sadly) Prosser has had virtually flawless Apple intel all year. 

Prosser states that “from what I know” Apple will fit the new iPhone SE with the primary camera from the 2018 iPhone XR (video below – from 49 mins). This is a surprise given many leakers (Prosser excluded) had pointed to Apple using the main camera from the current iPhone 11 line-up. Should you care about this? Yes and no. 

Yes, because there’s no nice way of saying this to potential 2020 iPhone SE buyers: the iPhone 11 Pro primary camera is much better than the iPhone XR. When the 2018 iPhones were released, the main gripe was their cameras with Apple seen to be slipping further and further behind Huawei and Google. But the iPhone 11 phones reversed that fall and put Apple back at the top table. 

So why also No? Because the 2020 iPhone SE is expected to cost from just $399, and for that price, you’ll get the iPhone 11’s cutting edge Apple A13 chipset, which still delivers the fastest smartphone performance in the world. Given it uses the same design as the iPhone 8, it will also be by far the most compact smartphone available with such blazing speed. 

Moreover, Apple’s strategy sees the company do what it does best: now present the iPhone XR as a tempting upgrade for 2020 iPhone SE buyers, which then pushes buyers towards the $699 iPhone 11. It’s an ingenious ladder of upselling. And yes, the iPhone 12 does look stunning but, with the world as it currently is, I think the 2020 iPhone SE may prove to be the smartest smartphone buy this year. 

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